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What is the Minimum Advertised Price
Have you ever noticed that some bedroom furniture on the internet can never be found below a certain price even though it is sold by hundreds of retailers? That lowest advertised price is called the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) and manufacturers often require anyone selling their furniture to not list their products below a specific price. If a retailer advertises below the manufacturer's minimum advertised price they could encounter difficulty with their supplier including the possibility of discontinuing their relationship.

So how can you recieve discounts on furniture when manufacturers have established a system to ensure prices are not advertised below a certain level? The first step in your comparison shopping should be to establish what the minimum advertised price is for the product you want to purchase. Then with the minimum advertised price in hand you should begin exploring additional discounts available. For example, many retailers will provide a promotional code that may be entered at check out to receive an additional 5, 10, 25 or even 50 percent off your order. Are you following along? You receive the discount off of the minimum advertised price thus bypassing the manufacturers restrictions placed on pricing! Its easy.
  1. Establish what the minimum advertised price is for your product
  2. Locate furniture stores offering a disount off of their advertised price
How to find out what the minimum advertised price is
The Internet allows you to easily establish what the minimum advertised price is. Just search for it! While a general search will not tell you a lot, using a few qualifiers in your search will tell you a lot. Here are some tips for searching to find the lowest advertised price.
  • Search many different search engines

  • Search shopping search engines and sort by lowest price
    • Yahoo Shopping
    • Froogle
When searching for the lowest price for your product there are several specific search keywords you should use. For starters, search specifically for the name of your product and also separately the manufacturers name & product number if you have it available. Let's look at an example. Adonis manufacturer's a popular platform bed called the Avalon platform bed. This is a relatively inexpensive platform bed. When searching in the search engines for the lowest price you would want to search for "avalon platform bed". Don't stop there though, also search the plural version "avalon platform beds". You can also try others like avalon bed or avalon beds. The results are different so make sure to check the different vendors prices online in the search engines. A quick search for the above found prices ranging from $188 to $292 for the twin size Avalon platform bed frame. So for our example the minimum advertised price for the Avalon platform bed is currently $188. Can we do better than that? Definitely!

Establishing the minimum advertised price by requesting price matching
Once you've located a retailer with the minimum advertised price it is important to note that you should not limit yourself to only purchasing directly from them. Most retailers provide price matching services, so if you find better services elsewhere consider them as often you can request them to match their competitor's advertised price.

Where to find furniture discount promotional codes, coupons & more

More Tips For Finding Furniture Discounts
  • Save money by buying used
  • Search Ebay for low prices
  • Down size bed size to save
  • Buy seasonal products at the end of the season
  • Shop manufacturer outlet stores
  • Compare prices at local stores

Bedroom Furniture Reviews, Ratings & Tips
I love to price match furniture to get the best price. I always take the best discounts I can find back to the furniture stores that I have purchased from before. They will often beat those prices because I shop their often. Jamie - New York City, New York
These are great tips to get discounts on furniture. I love buying new furniture and my husband loves it when I save money ;) Jennifer - Dallas, Texas
The best furniture discounts are from retailers who sell at the lowest prices. They give the best deals. Tim - San Francisco, California.
The site says the following about minimum advertised price
Some manufacturers mandate a minimum advertised price - Our advertised price is the lowest permitted by the manufacturer. Call or email us for Sale Prices on many of our products.
Jeff - Baltimore, Maryland
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