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Mattress & Bed Sizes

Within this online guide we provide tips to consider and complete sizes for US, UK, EU & Australian standard bed sizes.

Bed & mattress sizes are measured by the width & length of the bed. Standard bed sizes vary based on the geographical region and often non standard sizes are also sold so you should always verify the standard mattress measurement based on the actual bed frame size. The most common bed mattress sizes are twin, full, queen, king & california king.

Most countries have a standard set of four sizes, with additional less common variations. The double size bed frame is similar among English speaking countries while the twin, queen & king size beds vary. The United States mattress bed sizes are larger in comparison to the UK bed sizes.

The following dimensions & measurements are for the mattress. The corresponding bed frame will be slightly larger to support the mattress.

Twin Size Mattress Measurements

The twin size bed is also called a single bed. The United Kingdom & EU twin bed sizes are the same.

39" 75" (US)
36" 75" (UK)
36" 75" (EU)
36" 79" (AU)

Full Size Mattress Measurements

The full size bed is also called a double bed. The United States, UK, EU & Australian full bed sizes are very similar with the EU version slightly smaller.

54" 75" (US)
54" 75" (UK)
55" 79" (EU)
54" 75" (AU)

Queen Size Mattress Measurements

60" 80" (US)
60" 78" (UK) (King)
63" 79" (EU)
60" 80" (AU)

King Size Mattress Measurements

The king size bed is also called an eastern king. It is not common to have a king size box spring. Instead two small twin extra long mattresses are used together to support the king size mattress.

76" 80" (US)
72" 78" (UK) (Super King)
71" 79" (EU)
72" 80" (AU)

California King Mattress Measurements

The California king size bed is also called a cal king, west coast king or western king.

72" 84" (US)

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