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Types of Wood Furniture Finishes

Wood Finishing Definitions

Bleaching - A method of lightening the overall color of the wood

Distressing - Fly speck spotting (and/or other age marks e.g. scratches, dents and wear) in the finish surface or on the substrate.

Filler - Fills grains to create a smooth surface and adds highlighting.

Gloss - The reflectability of the surface.

Lacquer - A clear, hard, durable finish that is heat resistant and comparable to varnish in strength

Penetrating Oil - A "renewable" finish used to enhance the richness and beauty of the wood grain

Polyurethane - A clear plastic coating that is highly resistant to abrasion and wear.

Sealer - Seals the wood so that the MC remains constant.

Stain - A natural or synthetic chemical used to color and highlight wood grain.

Wash - A light, diluted coat of paint.

Wax - A "renewable" finish added to wood to protect and enhance the natural appearance

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